Teen Truth: Simple Truth – The “Model” Concept

August 27th, 2013 by ifi-admin

ST-AnneParpas-150x150This article appeared originally on the website teentruthlive.com and was written by IHC founder Anne Parpas.

“The Hebrew word for parents is horim, and it comes from the same root as moreh, teacher. The parent is, and remains, the first and most important teacher that the child will have.” – Rabbi Kassel AbelsonWhen we watch our children and how they interact, we can catch a glimpse of the influences in their lives. They come into the world as empty slates with a desire for attention, wisdom, and unconditional love. As a parent, how I act and what I say on a daily basis will be tucked away in their minds as a basis for relational behaviors and will be used as a template for how they create the structure of their own lives. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

August 13th, 2013 by ifi-admin

sad woman at the windowAt Integrative Health Consultants, we use a variety of approaches to help our clients. One such is based on a model called Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Here is a bit of information about the background of this treatment approach.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT as it is known, is based on the scientifically supported assumption that most emotional and behavioral reactions are learned. Therefore, the goal of therapy is to help clients unlearn their unwanted reactions and to learn a new way of reacting. Therefore, CBT has nothing to do with “just talking”. People can “just talk” with anyone. The educational emphasis of CBT has an additional benefit — it leads to long term results. When people understand how and why they are doing well, they know what to do to continue doing well.

CBT is “problem focused” (undertaken for specific problems) and “action oriented” (therapist tries to assist the client in selecting specific strategies to help address those problems).

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What is “Solution-Focused” Therapy?

August 13th, 2013 by ifi-admin

Young couple cuddling on the couch while therapist watchesMany professionals who refer clientele to us or patients themselves want to know about IHC’s “approach” to therapy. What makes it integrative?

First off, the  thing that makes it integrative is that we don’t belong to any single “camp” in therapeutic approaches – we are “multi-discipline” in our approach. However, there are some philosophical “foundations” in therapy that underpin our counseling work. One is called “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy”, or SFB. The following is a brief overview of what it is about, with a link to a fuller description.

SFBT has not only become one of the leading schools of brief therapy, it has become a major influence in such diverse fields as business, social policy, education, and criminal justice services, child welfare, domestic violence offenders treatment. Described as a practical, goal-driven model, a hallmark of SFBT is its emphasis on clear, concise, realistic   goal negotiations. The SFBT approach   assumes that all clients have some knowledge of what would make their life better, even though they may need some (at times, considerable) help describing the details of their better life and that everyone who seeks help already possesses at least the minimal skills necessary to create solutions.

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