Teen Truth: Simple Truth – The “Model” Concept

August 27th, 2013 by ifi-admin

ST-AnneParpas-150x150This article appeared originally on the website teentruthlive.com and was written by IHC founder Anne Parpas.

“The Hebrew word for parents is horim, and it comes from the same root as moreh, teacher. The parent is, and remains, the first and most important teacher that the child will have.” – Rabbi Kassel AbelsonWhen we watch our children and how they interact, we can catch a glimpse of the influences in their lives. They come into the world as empty slates with a desire for attention, wisdom, and unconditional love. As a parent, how I act and what I say on a daily basis will be tucked away in their minds as a basis for relational behaviors and will be used as a template for how they create the structure of their own lives.We all know how busy our lives can be and how our schedules can be so full that sometimes we don’t know how everything will get done without going completely insane. However, we must remind ourselves that the most important job we have and is to be good stewards of our children.The next time you are angry at a significant other, frustrated because your kids don’t seem to be listening, or even if it was just an all-around “bad day”, remember to pause, take a deep breath and realize that you can’t take back things you say when emotions run high. If we take a moment to THINK about how we handle ourselves in these situations, the way we speak, use our facial expressions, tone of voice, and even our body language, our children will learn how to respond to similar situations and how best to resolve issues that they will surely face as they grow into their own.

Parenting is a great responsibility, but in no way does that mean we will be perfect at it. We will make mistakes. It’s just part of being human. Admitting our mistakes is a vital part of the learning process. Saying, “I’m sorry”, and explaining what we did wrong and how we could have handled it differently will teach our children what true humility is and how to rise up to the challenges of conflict.

The relationships we develop with our sons and daughters are critical. The examples we set forth will leave an imprint in their minds of how to treat one another, how to lead with integrity, and how to develop meaningful relationships with others. Embracing our moral commitment by stepping up, getting involved, and setting positive examples will not only have an amazing affect on our children, but will produce outcomes that are more life-enhancing and life-fulfilling for ourselves and our community as a whole.

– Featured Contributor Anne Parpas is the founder of IHC  of West Michigan,  and has extensive experience in community-wide education and prevention of bullying, dating abuse and domestic violence. Anne is a registered nurse with over 13 years experience in acute care and education. She is a survivor of domestic violence and a relationship violence consultant for numerous schools, churches, corporations and other organizations in the West Michigan Area.

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