About IHC

Integrative Health Consultants (IHC) of West Michigan is a team of independent contractors who are highly trained mental health professionals devoted to helping people heal and live rich, meaningful lives.

Our practice is founded on the belief that integrative therapy — a therapeutic approach that addresses the psychological, biological, social and spiritual dimensions of modern life —  is the most effective and empowering way to help our clients.

IHC was founded by Anne Parpas to leverage her expertise as a registered nurse (RN) and relationship violence consultant for numerous schools, churches, corporations and other organizations in the West Michigan community.

Today, IHC delivers targeted, behavioral therapeutic interventions that help empower and motivate clients, giving them the skills to better manage life.  IHC caters to a wide spectrum of psychological and counseling needs in Depression and Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Abuse, Grief & Trauma, and Marriage & Family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Team is uniquely trained to work in collaboration with the medical community to develop integrative treatment plans, monitor client progress, and provide direct behavioral health care to clients. We believe in meeting both the mental and general health needs of patients. Our holistic perspective takes into account not just emotional, psychological, developmental, cultural, and social factors, but also the physical symptoms of disease and illness.

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