We’re Your Bridge to Better Living

IHC  bridges the gap between physical, emotional, and spiritual health by delivering seamless mental health care. Our goal is to help people find their path to healing and wholeness through the collaboration between mental health, primary care, and substance abuse systems for better client care by building partnerships with local health professionals and community agencies.

We emphasize collaboration between medical and behavioral health care providers and the integration of psychology into the very heart of health care. We are committed to upholding the following values in our work:

  • Respect (appreciation, value, character)
  • Understanding (compassion, empathy, responsiveness)
  • Connection (collaboration)
  • Growth (success)
  • Community
  • Commitment

We value highly the worth of each client, and who they are as a person and their role in their family and community. We strive to develop authentic relationships with each person in an environment that is safe and comfortable and where each person can tell their story.

In the larger community, we advocate for education about mental health to prevent stigma; we advocate for the improvement of the healthcare system with improved and sustainable outcomes, and we advocate for the expansion of access to mental health services and improving the overall physical health of people with mental illness and chronic physical illnesses.

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