At Integrative Health Consultants, we work with a variety of partners in the health and mental health community, forming tailored service plans highly suited to partner needs.  In addition to using leading edge practice management systems to ensure continuity in care and communication, we provide value-added service to our referrers through our extensive background experience in the courts, healthcare and faith-based community institutions.


We can help your patients find effective management strategies for a range of disorders. We understand complementary emphasis on medication compliance, nutrition, and overall wellness practices. We will take great care in operating as your partner to ensure the satisfaction of your patient and to assist your efforts to benefit the client. We bring comprehensive care that improves treatment adherence, promotes positive lifestyle changes, and alleviates the stress of medical procedures. If you have a patient you’d like to refer to us, please feel free to fill out our Referral Form. If you’d like to schedule a “lunch & learn” with your practice, please contact us for details.


IHC bridges the integration of primary, behavioral health, and criminal justice. We presently perform extensive work with the 59th District Court. We are experienced in the administration of court-ordered treatment plans, case management, and evidentiary procedures. We possess extensive experience in domestic violence. Please contact us to discuss our services.

Churches and Other Faith-Based Community Institutions
We work with the faith community to inspire and motivate each person to achieve wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit. We can offer membership and pastoral staff support to assist in empowering the faith community, including laity training and leadership development. We possess deep experience in group psychology and can offer valuable consulting services to program developers and their outreach initiatives. We partner with benevolent groups involved in ameliorating suffering in the community from family violence to addiction recovery. Talk to us about how we can help support, consult with, and extend the ministry of your organization.

Please review our Referral Form to get started, or Contact Us for a program consultation.


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