Psychological Testing

Some may be alarmed when informed of the need for a psychological evaluation or “testing.”  A referral for testing simply means that you or a healthcare provider need additional information to best understand how to help.  Comprehensive psychological testing is intended to help develop those individually-tailored recommendations for care.

We currently offer psychological testing services for ages 6 and older.

Common Reasons for Referral:

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Diagnostic Clarification (e.g., anxiety, depression, mood, personality traits)
  • Academic/Learning Disability
  • Cognitive/Intellectual Ability

3 Step Process:

1) A Consultation Session is used to learn about your current concerns, gather background information, and decide on testing goals.  We will also determine whether to proceed with testing or if a referral for alternative services is more appropriate.

2) The Testing Session will usually take a half day to a full day with time allotted for breaks.  Testing may include:

  • Clinical Interview
  • Review of Records
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Achievement Tests
  • Behavior Inventories
  • Personality and Symptom Assessments
  • Objective Computer Tests

3)Feedback Session is used to discuss the results and recommendations.

To schedule Psychological Testing, please call:

  • Stephanie Lonsway, PhD, Licensed Psychologist (x105)
  • Garrett Weatherhead, PhD, Licensed Psychologist (x106)


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